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Location:Matemwe is located in the North-East of Zanzibar,surrounded by some of the beaches of Zanzibar and opposite the well-known Mnemba atoll, hotspot for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. Is about an hour drive away from Stonetown, Seaport and Zanzibar international Airport. Matemwe`s exclusive location, away from the big hotels, gives the beaches a very private feeling,beatifull fleets of fishermen in traditional wooden dhow boats sail pass on their way to and from their fishing ground.

Accommodation: An Intimate lodge with 12 luxury suites perched on a coral rock, surrounded by some of the best beaches of Zanzibar.

Cuisine: Matemwe`s friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and excellent cuisine Specialized in fresh fish and seafood are renowned.

Facilities: This and 2 intimate swimming pools, lush tropical gardens, massages and cocktails make Matemwe the ultimate Tropical paradise. Enjoy fantastic diving and Snorkling, sipping a cocktail on the beach or enjoy unforgettable views of the Indian Ocean from the poolside or from the comfortable sofas and hammocks of your private veranda.


  • Diving: Matemwe does not have its own Diving school but works with reliable Dive operator that can pick up Matemwe guests every day. Diving and Snorkeling conditions are excellent around the Mnemba atoll just off the coast from Matemwe.
  • Snorkeling: It can be done both from Matemwe`s beach and on a tri with Matemwe`s own wooded dhow boat.


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